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‘Cyclists on the A50 near Uttoxeter need to protect themselves’ - MP

30/06/14 A50 cyclist petition Amanda Brookes is setting up a petition against 'dangerous' bike rides on the A50.

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UTTOXETER’S MP has said he ‘completely understands’ why residents want to start a petition against ‘dangerous’ time trial cycling on one of the busiest routes out of Uttoxeter.

Concerned Uttoxeter resident Amanda Brooks, of Drovers Close, who was witness to a horrifying crash between a cyclist and a HGV is lobbying the Department of Transport in a bid to stop cyclists using the A50 for competition races.

The petition has reached 85 signatures just a week after it was launched and Ms Brooks said she is ‘pleased’ the campaign is raising awareness and making people think about the risks and discuss solutions such as better signage for motorists.

MP Andrew Griffiths said: “I can completely understand why residents want to start this petition against the cycling time trials. We’ve seen deaths on the A50 and I’ve seen myself near misses.

“I think unfortunately cyclists bring the complaints on themselves. Many time trials aren’t well run and aren’t signposted. Safety measures aren’t in place and unless cyclists start taking it more seriously these calls for cyclists to be banned will only continue.

“It would be a shame for cyclists but they desperately need to do something to protect themselves from other road users.

“One option would be to put warnings and signs at every junction.

“You can get onto the A50 and before you know it there is a cyclist right in front of you.”

Campaign leader Ms Brooks said: “We are at around 85 signatures now only a week or so later. I’m pleased that it’s raising such awareness and it’s making people think about the risks and discuss solutions such as better signage for motorists as this has clearly been inadequate during recent time trials.

“Cyclists have commented saying they are bemused as to why fellow riders would seek time trials on the A50, so it isn’t just motorists that find this dangerous.

“The petition will not only raise awareness but clearly bring to light the conversations that need to be had to make these time trials safer for both cyclists and motorists alike.

“I just hope we get enough signatures to get something done about the way cycle events are held on the A50 in future.

“Two years ago I witnessed a cyclist get struck by a HGV. As a witness, the police kept me informed and the cyclist died leaving behind his wife and children.

“The driver was given a driving ban losing his livelihood.

“Each year that the cycle competition is on the A50 it brings back those memories and its terrifying watching drivers overtake them.”

Those who wish to sign should go to: epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/66776

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